Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Rather Slaanesh Looking Chaos Warrior

I've really been enjoying all the pictures from the recent BOYL 2015 event that have been appearing all over various blogs that I follow. It looked like a great time was had by all which is great. I do sometimes times wonder if a similar event could be organised in Germany? I mean, they have achieved it in the US so why not in Germany too. I am, however, not volunteering my services! I just wonder if the interest is out there. As Pink Floyd once sang.............. "Is there anybody out there?"

Back to the post. The weather continues to be ridiculously hot here in Bavaria and, as an Englishman, this has been rather unbearable to get any painting done. However, I did manage to finish this Slaanesh looking Chaos Warrior:

 I’m not entirely sure the paint scheme works or if it’s even highlighted enough. To be honest I found the mini to be rather boring to paint. Anyway, it’s finished and posted up so that’s that.

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