Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Collecting C20 Trolls

I think it would be nice to show the citadel miniatures that I enjoy collecting. So every now and then I will post up past and recent purchases and discuss what I paid for them because, to be frank, not many people mention how much they paid for so and so. Perhaps I have overpaid here and there, but when you want a certain mini, what is the fair price to pay?  So, I thought I would start with the wonderful C20 Trolls sculpted by Alan & Michael Perry. These are the chaps:

I’ve managed to collect four of the C20 Trolls so far, but one of them (Rattlebones Bowlegs) is having a Dettol bath so is not pictured here. These are the other three:

Hobol Firebreath

Davogrod Gutsucker

Grog Stuntycrusher

They have fantastic names hey? My favourite is Grog Stuntycrusher. Now, I’ve paid about £8 each for each Troll and that always includes postage. I never go higher than £8 and because of this; I have lost out on quite a few auctions. I have seen a couple go for a little less, but this does seem a reasonable price to pay for them. I really recommend collecting these figures as they are full of quirky charm. They are very basic sculpts, but they have that little something that makes them special. Maybe it's just me but I really like them. Until next time my lead worshipping friends.

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