Friday, 28 August 2015

Slaanesh Warband - Part 4

I’ve managed to finish another member of my Slaanesh Warband and what a sculpt he is. This mini was a real joy to paint and fits perfectly into the group I’ve managed to amass so far. Here is the sexual deviant himself:

Normally, my bases are completed differently but I really like how the goblin green dry brushed with bilious green has come out. It really makes the figure pop. Do I now do the rest like this? Who knows, but it was certainly easier and less time consuming using this method. Now, I've recently seen this figure on eBay for a whopping BIN £149.99. Bargain? I think not. I paid £7 for mine and I probably over paid by about £2 so not too bad. If you find the BIN for £149.99, make sure you read the sale description as it's a master piece of work by the seller. I noticed that the painted figure he is showing is done by none other than Jason of fame. He was not offended that his work was used without his permission as he too found the sale description to be a work of art. The seller has plenty more and they all make great reading. Check them out as it's not difficult to find them all. Until next time my lead hoarding friends!

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