Friday, 28 August 2015

Slaanesh Warband - Part 4

I’ve managed to finish another member of my Slaanesh Warband and what a sculpt he is. This mini was a real joy to paint and fits perfectly into the group I’ve managed to amass so far. Here is the sexual deviant himself:

Normally, my bases are completed differently but I really like how the goblin green dry brushed with bilious green has come out. It really makes the figure pop. Do I now do the rest like this? Who knows, but it was certainly easier and less time consuming using this method. Now, I've recently seen this figure on eBay for a whopping BIN £149.99. Bargain? I think not. I paid £7 for mine and I probably over paid by about £2 so not too bad. If you find the BIN for £149.99, make sure you read the sale description as it's a master piece of work by the seller. I noticed that the painted figure he is showing is done by none other than Jason of fame. He was not offended that his work was used without his permission as he too found the sale description to be a work of art. The seller has plenty more and they all make great reading. Check them out as it's not difficult to find them all. Until next time my lead hoarding friends!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Collecting C20 Trolls

I think it would be nice to show the citadel miniatures that I enjoy collecting. So every now and then I will post up past and recent purchases and discuss what I paid for them because, to be frank, not many people mention how much they paid for so and so. Perhaps I have overpaid here and there, but when you want a certain mini, what is the fair price to pay?  So, I thought I would start with the wonderful C20 Trolls sculpted by Alan & Michael Perry. These are the chaps:

I’ve managed to collect four of the C20 Trolls so far, but one of them (Rattlebones Bowlegs) is having a Dettol bath so is not pictured here. These are the other three:

Hobol Firebreath

Davogrod Gutsucker

Grog Stuntycrusher

They have fantastic names hey? My favourite is Grog Stuntycrusher. Now, I’ve paid about £8 each for each Troll and that always includes postage. I never go higher than £8 and because of this; I have lost out on quite a few auctions. I have seen a couple go for a little less, but this does seem a reasonable price to pay for them. I really recommend collecting these figures as they are full of quirky charm. They are very basic sculpts, but they have that little something that makes them special. Maybe it's just me but I really like them. Until next time my lead worshipping friends.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Miniature Stand

It’s still hideously hot here in Bavaria and that means my studio is just too unbearable to be in. So, this means I still haven’t done painting which is a damn shame. However, my hobby time has not been completely wasted as I’ve managed to build a stand for my painted miniatures (which as it turns out doesn’t amount to much!). I bought the wood at the German version of B&Q for €3.33 and set to work straight away. A little bit of measuring and then the cutting of the wood and I was soon finished. All in all, it took 30 minutes to complete. Here is a picture of said stand:

The pictures are a bit naff as the lighting is not great in my studio, but I’m well cuffed with the stand as it was super cheap and easy to make. I’m definitely going to make another two for my miniature cabinet. All I need to do now is paint more lead so I can fill the stand out. For that to happen, I need the weather to be crap. I’m actually praying for crap weather! Bis sp├Ąter.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Rather Slaanesh Looking Chaos Warrior

I've really been enjoying all the pictures from the recent BOYL 2015 event that have been appearing all over various blogs that I follow. It looked like a great time was had by all which is great. I do sometimes times wonder if a similar event could be organised in Germany? I mean, they have achieved it in the US so why not in Germany too. I am, however, not volunteering my services! I just wonder if the interest is out there. As Pink Floyd once sang.............. "Is there anybody out there?"

Back to the post. The weather continues to be ridiculously hot here in Bavaria and, as an Englishman, this has been rather unbearable to get any painting done. However, I did manage to finish this Slaanesh looking Chaos Warrior:

 I’m not entirely sure the paint scheme works or if it’s even highlighted enough. To be honest I found the mini to be rather boring to paint. Anyway, it’s finished and posted up so that’s that.