Tuesday, 24 November 2015

C38 Chaos Beastmen (solid base)

I absolutely love the 80’s Chaos Beastmen, but they sure are a bugger to collect. Thanks to Jason of rogueheresy fame, I’ve managed to collect quite a few of these. So, a big thank you goes out to Jason for those trades. Here are the Beastmen Camelman and Wolfman:


Friday, 6 November 2015

Slaanesh Warband & Familiar Faces - Part 6

I really enjoyed painting this Chaos Beastman of Slaanesh. I didn’t need to use too many colours which is always a bonus. All that was needed was lots of pink and a little black. Here is the sexual deviant himself:

I also found the time to paint 3 Chaos Familiars. These were great fun to paint and don’t take any time at all as they are tiny. Right, that's me off now so here are the Familiar little fellas:



Daemonet 1

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Chaos Beastman - The Infamous Hesh

I really like all the 80's Chaos Beastmen and this one is a real classic. Allow me to introduce Hesh:

The legend that is Hesh

Yet again, I realise that I haven't completed a shield for yet another mini (I must get over my hatred for painting shields!). Anyway, Hesh was a simple paint job, but a really satisfying one. I just wish all mini's were this easy to paint! Sigh......

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Chaos Thug - Sword and Dagger

A super quick post today as I am actually at work. You gotta love the Chaos Thug range as there are endless of possibilities painting these bad boys. Here’s me effort on a fella simply described as ‘Sword and Dagger’ found here link

I'm really pleased with how he came out, although now that I look at the photos, he could do with a little tidy up here and there. Right, back to work before I get busted posting about tiny lead men. Huzzah!