Monday, 10 August 2015

Miniature Stand

It’s still hideously hot here in Bavaria and that means my studio is just too unbearable to be in. So, this means I still haven’t done painting which is a damn shame. However, my hobby time has not been completely wasted as I’ve managed to build a stand for my painted miniatures (which as it turns out doesn’t amount to much!). I bought the wood at the German version of B&Q for €3.33 and set to work straight away. A little bit of measuring and then the cutting of the wood and I was soon finished. All in all, it took 30 minutes to complete. Here is a picture of said stand:

The pictures are a bit naff as the lighting is not great in my studio, but I’m well cuffed with the stand as it was super cheap and easy to make. I’m definitely going to make another two for my miniature cabinet. All I need to do now is paint more lead so I can fill the stand out. For that to happen, I need the weather to be crap. I’m actually praying for crap weather! Bis später.

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