Monday, 15 June 2015

Slaanesh Warband - Part 1

Just a quick post to showcase my first fully painted figure for a Warband I'm currently creating. Using the Realms of Chaos retinue table, I rolled 8 Beastmen, 6 Chaos Dwarfs and two Minotaurs. Obviously, these fowl creatures will be led by a Champion of Slaanesh. So here are some photo's of the chosen few:

I have nearly finished a Chaos Dwarf, but he is taking forever to paint and is not particularly looking good. When I take a photo of him, I think it will be at some considerable distance away! The weather has been around thirty degrees here in Bavaria and so painting has been unbearable, especially under a lamp! Friday the family and I are off to sunny old blighty to see family and friends, then to Cornwall for 5 days. I'm really, really looking forward to supping a few pints of scrumpy and various local ales. German beer is great, but you cannot beat the vast amounts of beer choices that we have in the UK. Until then fellow lead heads!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Let there be light!

I've been really struggling to take good pictures of my mini's to upload onto this blog. So, on the advise of my fellow leadhead, Oli (, I have created a Photobooth. I googled how to make one and stumbled upon a great blog (forgot which one, sorry!) which showed how to make one. Using a cardboard box, some aluminium foil and a backdrop and you have a very cost effective photobooth. Here's what I came up with in 20 mins:

Now, it's pretty basic and the backdrop is terrible but this is what some test photo's look like:

The backdrop is unbelievable crap and something I will look to improve, but the photobox seems to do to the job. Eat your heart out David Bailey!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Beastmen - Slaanesh or Khorne?

In a previous post, I mentioned that I saw something of interest (well, to me anyway) in the White Dwarf issue 122. At the back of the issue are these fine fellows:

Beastmen of Slaanesh

Beastmen of Khorne

Now, I find these two pages very useful in deciding which of my Beastmen are going to be Slaanesh or Khorne followers. As I've said before, anything with an exposed boob or nipple is clearly Slaanesh. I think Khorne followers are more dog or bear like.

These, of course are not 'set in stone' and a given when choosing any Beastman's God. No way. They are, however, a damn good indicator though. To finish off this post, here are some pic's of one of my favourite C27 Chaos Beastmen 'Gizilgig' who worships the Blood God. Still needs to be based, but that can wait as I hate basing!



Hey Oli, seeing as your my only reader, which photo's are best? The ones taken outside or inside? I really need to learn how to take proper mini pictures! Until next time fellow lead lovers.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A mini painted way back in 89

This is the first ever mini I painted way back in 1989.
I think it is from the Marauder Wood Elf range. The skin tone is not the best, but what I do like is the stripes on the trousers. I've never attempted to do this since painting this mini. I have thought about giving him a Dettol bath, but have decided against it as I know I would deeply regret it after. Besides, its the only mini left from my collection from way back, long since lost or sold. It's really strange how things just 'disappear' over time. I once owened a Palanquin of Nurgle. I suspect and still suspect my mother threw it away to clear up space in her house. A miniature taking up space! Ha.Why mum, why? Why punish me so?

P.S. Should my mother ever read this, sorry mum!

Monday, 1 June 2015

White Dwarf 105. My first issue

During a stop on the way to visit family in Yorkshire way back in 1989, I bought the White Dwarf issue 105. Flicking through the pages I came upon this image:
All RoC fans will recognise this wonderful piece of art as the front cover of the RoC 'Slaves to Darkness' book. Turning over the pages, I discovered this picture of the most wonderfully painted mini's I had ever seen:
Sorry about the dump photos as they really don't do them any justice. I totally recommend buying the old issues of WD's to really appreciate the pictures of painted mini's and, of course, the artwork. However, it was this page that truly amazed me and still does.
Look at the brilliant figures. This is the page I most look at out of all the WD's I own. I come back to this time and time again, mainly for painting inspiration. The Beastmen for me are interesting as it gives you an idea which are Slaanesh figures and which are Khorne. Of course you can choose what you like, but I suppose anything with one boob, a nipple or bondage gear is clearly Slaanesh. In WD 122 I noticed something regarding the Beastmen, but that will have to wait until my next post.