Thursday, 20 July 2017

C27 Chaos Beastman Cloven Hoof

Hey folks,

C27 Chaos Beastman Cloven Hoof first appeared in the autumn 1985 Journal:

These 10 new sculpts were designed by Trish Morrison and boy did she do a wonderful job! My personal favourites are by far Hog Man and Two Head. They are both sat in my long painting queue desperately waiting for a lick of paint, but I’m going to wait until I’m more confident in my painting ability before I slap any acrylics on them. Camel Man and Carrion Man both appear on my blog having already been painted. I just can’t get enough of these old beastmen. There is only one more left to complete my classic beastman collection and that is the C38 Sea Camel. I will get you one day!!!!!

Anyhow, here is my painted version of Cloven Hoof. I hope you like it:



Monday, 3 July 2017

Chaos Sorcerer - Amon Dull

Greetings fellow lead horders! This is the first Chaos Sorcerer that I have ever painted. I’m not going to say I enjoyed it because I didn’t. I own most of the Sorcerers but I find them rather bland as sculpts go. Don’t get me wrong as there are a couple of good ones like Hess Poison Breath or Mutander Bubonicus. This one is called Amon Dull, dull just like my paint job:

Amon Dull

The paint job is pretty basic and not really that exciting and that is something I shall try to change for the next one. More vibrant colours are needed me thinks!

I’m off to the UK tomorrow with my wife and son and cannot wait. Two weeks in the south of England visiting friends and family.  I’ve also got a small lead mountain that need to be picked up from my parent’s house due to far too many ebay purchases! Can’t wait!

Until next time!