Monday, 15 June 2015

Slaanesh Warband - Part 1

Just a quick post to showcase my first fully painted figure for a Warband I'm currently creating. Using the Realms of Chaos retinue table, I rolled 8 Beastmen, 6 Chaos Dwarfs and two Minotaurs. Obviously, these fowl creatures will be led by a Champion of Slaanesh. So here are some photo's of the chosen few:

I have nearly finished a Chaos Dwarf, but he is taking forever to paint and is not particularly looking good. When I take a photo of him, I think it will be at some considerable distance away! The weather has been around thirty degrees here in Bavaria and so painting has been unbearable, especially under a lamp! Friday the family and I are off to sunny old blighty to see family and friends, then to Cornwall for 5 days. I'm really, really looking forward to supping a few pints of scrumpy and various local ales. German beer is great, but you cannot beat the vast amounts of beer choices that we have in the UK. Until then fellow lead heads!

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