Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Enter the Chaos Warriors Arnie Slicernecker and Pifco the Deliverer

I really liked it back in the day when GW would give a name to a miniature.  Here we have the two classic Chaos Warriors 'Arnie Slicernecker' and the fantastically named 'Pifco The Deliverer'.

Arnie Slicernecker

Pifco the Deliverer

In White Dwarf issue 81 there is the following colour advertisment:

Loads of classic Chaos Warriors with names. Look at the price of them back then. £1.95 for three! Time machine, time machine! I love the colour choice here with most of the Warriors, different hues of green. Most likely ink washes over bare metal which was popular with the GW painters back then. One thing that really bugs me though is the Warrior 'Gargog the Unstoppable'. The tab is still attached to the leg! Amatures!!!

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