Saturday, 6 June 2015

Beastmen - Slaanesh or Khorne?

In a previous post, I mentioned that I saw something of interest (well, to me anyway) in the White Dwarf issue 122. At the back of the issue are these fine fellows:

Beastmen of Slaanesh

Beastmen of Khorne

Now, I find these two pages very useful in deciding which of my Beastmen are going to be Slaanesh or Khorne followers. As I've said before, anything with an exposed boob or nipple is clearly Slaanesh. I think Khorne followers are more dog or bear like.

These, of course are not 'set in stone' and a given when choosing any Beastman's God. No way. They are, however, a damn good indicator though. To finish off this post, here are some pic's of one of my favourite C27 Chaos Beastmen 'Gizilgig' who worships the Blood God. Still needs to be based, but that can wait as I hate basing!



Hey Oli, seeing as your my only reader, which photo's are best? The ones taken outside or inside? I really need to learn how to take proper mini pictures! Until next time fellow lead lovers.