Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Slaanesh Warband - Part 2

It's been really difficult to get any painting done with the really hot weather we've been having, but I managed to finish this little fella:

Having my head under a hot lamp sweating my nuts of was not the best feeling in the world, but I'm glad to have him finished. All Chaos Dwarf fans will know this fella as Scarsol Smashskull. A great name for a great mini.


  1. Nice one. Like the bright pink.
    I know what you're talking about. Sweating under such light while trying to keep your paint wet enough to get something painted. Also trying not to get in touch with the model because the warm and sweating fingers directly remove all paint from the touched spot...

  2. The heat has been hideous recently mate and I'm very happy now that the weather has cooled down. Glad you liked the pink armour.