Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Slaanesh Chaos Beastman

After painting the Chaos Centaur, I needed something that would require not much thought nor skill to paint. For this I chose one of my beloved Chaos Beastmen as I just think they are great. I do however dislike the Bob Olley sculpts. Just not my cup of tea at all. Too many folds etc.

I’ve copied the paint job found in White Dwarf 105 my first and favourite all time WD issue! I think it turned out well and being covered in fur made the paint job a straight forward one.  Whist painting the face, I noticed that it looked similar to a couple of other ones that I’d painted in the past. Look at the following scans below and judge for yourself:

Beastmen Top row right and bottom row right (copied this paint job too!)

Top row in the middle and second row 2nd right
Second row 2nd left. The infamous Hesh

I was also wondering why the face on these mini’s looked so familiar and then I remembered that Jason from rogueheresey mentioned that it looked like The Grinch with his original green 80’s paint job! 
Hesh or Grinch?
Grinch or Hesh?

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