Monday, 13 February 2017

Chaos Warrior Ivan Edaik

Fancied painting a Chaos Warrior so I chose Ivan Edaik. Now, the following text is completely and utterly stolen from an ebay listing. I feel no shame at all as the seller has stolen images of painted miniatures from other blogs without their permission. So, with that out of the way:

"Clad in full plate armour marked with the sigil of the eight pointed star, this mutant thinks nothing of resting the claw of his ornate and unique hammer on his own brow. His pose is that of the consummate warrior, it has an ease and fluidity to it that denotes skill in combat, and this is offset by the witless look of his degenerate face; the masterful poise of a natural warrior with the slack jawed expression of an idiot. Perhaps the secret to combat prowess is not having a thought in your head, perhaps the cone shape is to store battlefield aptitude and not much else."

 Marvellous isn’t it. The seller has plenty more figures for sale (for obscene prices) and luckily most are accompanied with a wonderful back ground story like the one above. I plan to steal them all! Muuhahahahahahahahahaha!

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