Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A Bloodletter and a Chaos Beastman called Atzel

It was a blast painting the Bloodletter as it's a fairly simple sculpt, but still great fun. You only need a lot of red and shazam, finished. The CH4 Beastman Atzel has the classic Beastman look to it. I didn’t want to paint the fur brown so went with yellow (a notoriously difficult colour to get right). I think it turned out ok. One thing that is missing is a shield…....again! Must get over my hatred of painting shields! Here are the figs folks:

I’ve got a couple more WIP’s on the go, but nothing special as I’m currently immersed in my new book 'Consider Phlebas' by Iain M. Banks. A great read so far. Bis zum n├Ąchten mal!

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