Friday, 9 December 2016

Khorne Beastman - Sword 1/022005

I’ve been focusing so much on Slaanesh figures recently that I’ve completely neglected the forces of Khorne. The reason for this is simple. I like painting Slaanesh figures as you can go all out crazy with the paint schemes. Now, this fella is known in the 1991 Red Catalogue as Sword 1 (Khorne) link or 022005 in White Dwarf issue 104 link. I have sort of copied the paint job found in 104, but couldn’t quite find the courage to do the Khorne symbol. I might cheat and buy some transfers! Here is my Sword 1/022005 effort:

"This Beastman is unique among its kind for being more classically daemonic; its fur covered, vaguely animal body being a mix of goat, wolf and bear in appearance and its face bearing an evil, pig snouted grin and pointed ears. What marks this woolly devil out as being chosen by Khorne is the twisted sigil its horns have grown into; clearly the mark of the blood god, and a detail not to be found anywhere else on minis of the period. Later miniatures like Khorne marked lords and champions, and the plastic Bloodletter kit make reference to this details with the head/horn/helm forming Khorne's mark, but this miniatures was the first and does it in the most striking way, this miniature is the source and influences the later examples. This beastman completely eschews armour, except for its gut plate, which protects its furry paunch and supports its flowing loin cloth. Other great details include the many earrings and the beastman's beard."

White Dwarf 104 and 105 are without a doubt my favourite issues. I could look at the minis in them all day and still discover something new regarding the paint jobs which are all splendidly done. If you want to see classic old school paint jobs on the Realms of Chaos figures, then these two issues are a must have.

As this will be my last post in 2016, as Tiny Tim said, "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"

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