Thursday, 24 August 2017

Chaos Khorne Beastman - Bull Headed with Axe

Howdy folks,

Here is my recent addition to my growing Beastman collection:

Nabbed this description from a Ebay seller that steals photo's of painted mini's from other peoples blogs without permission so I think its fair game!

Minotaur Beastman

Uniquely styled and sized, this mini is fairly small for a Minotaur, roughly the same height as other beastmen in fact, and while later iterations were generally bigger, it suggests that bull headed men-beasts were, in the infinite possibilities of Chaos, just another variety of Beastman. Many of the details lend weight to this, specifically the trousers and single boot. How many Minotaurs have you ever seen depicted wearing clothes that weren't ceremonial armour or a loin cloth? In fact, the ragged pantaloons and boot give this Minotaur an almost 'wolf-man' vibe as if turning into a minotaur is like the curse of lycanthropism. An interesting proposition for this Beastman to be either a temporary mutant according to a curse, or to have once been a man and degenerated into a Beastman. Brutal axe held aloft, eye patch marking a previous struggle, mutated, cursed and 'gifted' by the dark gods.



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