Tuesday, 13 June 2017

CH4 Beastman Vrak

Managed to crack on and complete another CH4 Beastman even though the weather has been very hot here in Bavaria especially with my head under a lamp! I found drinking lots of beer has help me get through this though. This Beastman one is called Vrak:

I think Vrak turned out quite nicely. I’m starting to get back into my painting now and am really trying to avoid nasty, dull boring colours and instead use bright ones instead as I just find it more interesting. Of course this is best with Slaanesh looking figures. The shield is a metal one I bought off EBay a couple of years ago, but unfortunately cannot remember who the seller was. For £6 I received 12 metal shields (6 different ones) and they are superbly done. Just wish I had bought more!

If you are looking for quality metal shields, then please do have a look at the following site:
They do a set of eight wonderful shields called ‘Grotesque Shields 01’.



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