Friday, 19 May 2017

Chaos Warrior Thun Helmbeater

Thun Helmbeater. Enough said really. I finished this Chaos Warrior about two weeks ago but just couldn’t muster up the energy to photograph him until this evening that is:

I wanted the armour to be bright so decided upon red which quickly turned to orange with yellow highlights. I quite like how it came out especially the green hair. No shield for Thun Helmbeater which pleased me immensely! I’ve got a few other figures painted and ready to be photographed but I am not entirely happy with them. The paint jobs are very plain/dull and I think the reason for this is that I didn’t like the sculpts. It’s great when a figure just sort of paints itself but others can feel so laborious that I lose any enthusiasm for them. Bad colour choices do not help either. The next figure will have to be carefully selected to get the joy of painting back. 

Right, I’m off to grab a cold beer and have a quick look at the other blogs out there to find some inspiration for my next project. Keep painting fellow lead heads!


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