Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Slaanesh Warband – Part 8

Bada dum dum dum another one bites the dust! Yeah, I’ve finished another Chaos Beastman for my Slaanesh Warband. I think I only have two more figures to paint and they are all done. Here is the cheeky little chap:

I finally managed to get my hands on a mini I have wanted for a long time. I’ve only seen this fella once on ebay and it was part of a job lot that was well out of my price range. Fellow lead hoarders, may I introduce to you Blob Head:

Also, I finally tracked down the second Chaos Steed needed for my Chaos Beastman Raider. Here is the twisted fiend:

So, it’s been a successful couple of weeks for me on ebay. However, the hobby fund is very low meaning no more purchases for a while. It doesn’t matter much as I’m on a serious undercoating mission at the moment, which gives me the chance to look at what I already have. It’s probably for the best that the funds are low!

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